Anzac Day Message…

Looking at the encouraging and positive records and trends in gradual disarmament’s and reduction of bellicosity, we are forced to conclude we are inexorably moving towards a war-free world.  In a few generations the young inhabitants of the globe will be bemused by the ways of their forefathers, by a past world populated by barbarians who fought among themselves, their unimaginative leaders simplistically resorting to conflict for resolving differences and brutality and violence to steal others territories.

Being an optimist and a pacifist, I am dreaming of a world devoid of armies and WMDs. I reflect upon the remaining and, by the way, ever dwindling armed forces around the world, as the precursors of a different Earth, where ultimately leaders will be held accountable for initiating aggressive action and responsible for maintaining the peace.

In bygone days, yet merely a short lifetime ago, Australia had millions in the Forces. Isn’t it a good sign our soldiers are now just a few thousands? They are dedicated, efficient, educated and, yes, heroic. Yet in their hearts they dream of a world that won’t need them anymore!  In a humble effort to tell pictorially the widows and children of fallen soldiers that their dear ones died for a good cause – world peace – I have created this visual Memory of their valor in Afghanistan.

I have painted traumatic episodes in my life before. But I have not traveled  to the Afghan war zones, so I had to blend previous experience with re-enactments at Holsworthy Army Camp and fervid imagination and recall to come up with my emblematic vision of strategic action.  Unexpected was my reward!….An Honorary Rank, complete with framed uniform! It certainly was the best Christmas present I ever received and am still humbled by it and quite emotional.

It’s a memento I will always relate and refer to, even in times of lasting, even eternal peace.

I wish the widows, children and families of our heroic Fallen a respectful ANZAC Day.

And I extend love and best wishes to all my friends (even others) around the world.

Charles Billich


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