Letter From Hell 3


Dear Charles,

Forgive me this long silence. Since Bin Laden’s arrival things got worse.
The Taliban’s  behave no better  in this place and won’t let anybody near the
computer.  Bin is beside himself having been cheated out , through sudden and unexpected death, of the thousand virgins he was promised and is now stuck with a toothless old whore.  Of course he blames the Americans for his termination
and lost chance of a last  atonement prayer requested by Allah even of islamic extremists.

Charles, notice the above “forgive me” please, and consider that it wasn’t easy for me to articulate. I have never used the expression in life.
Nor “I apologize”,
Nor “I’m sorry”.
Nor “Please excuse me!”

It was part of Tito’s cult of brutality. I spent most of my efforts promoting it and practicing it. No place for niceties in my Yugoslavia! Etiquette and genocide don’t mix!
You will , however, appreciate the fact that I didn’t spare even my closest collaborators.
I knocked most of them off, in a state of blind paranoia, typical of communist
dictators.  But here in Hell I have all the time to reconsider things and an infernal perspective can reveal new horizons.

I spend a great deal of time beating myself on the chest and with the “Mea Culpa!” mantra which brings me some miraculous divine relief from unbearable heat.
And you know what…I have concluded by extension and observation that apology is the most successful political gambit, the most efficient economic stimulus,
the speediest way  to regain image, lost reputation and  new dignity.

Apology saved Germany, my archenemy, from permanent doom and gloom. Remember, immediately after its demise, Germany embarked on an intensive campaign of self-condemnation, abjectly apologizing to everyone it hurt during WWII, starting to make reparations and paying compensation. Through atonement Germany was able to raise its chin again and it has been the model of  pride through exculpation and success through humility and humane behavior!  Apology gave Germany the status of Economic Miracle for all times!

You got the gist of what I”m hinting at…
If  only Filipovic and his communist mates apologized to Croatia for MY annihilation of i.2million Croatian and other lives!

If he apologized on my behalf  to the millions of Croatians scattered around the world because of ME, the Godawful system I created, my mismanagement and destruction of the Croatian economy, the devastation of the legal system, the dispossession of people and clergy,  he would create the premise of a new start.

If he apologized to the Croatian people for the monstrous psychological schism and ideological  antagonism I have created between Croatian at home and those in the diaspora, he would help the re-establishment of  trust and love between them. He would  reduce the sad diffidence and suspicions in their relationship.

If he apologized for the horrendous injustices, the cheating and stealing of the naive repatriated  Croatian simple folk as well as the unsuspecting professionals who have been sucked in by a ruthless class of philo-titoists economic doctrinaires he would help the revival of a  morally and ethically fossilized Croatia.

And guess what?

The Croatian economy would kick-start again. New investment would pour in from diaspora and all friendly and  robust economies the world over.  Ask Professor Filipovic to start today and watch the apology miracle unfold in front of your eyes.  It could be the only option for the salvation of Croatia…forget the BandAid chimera of the European Union. What does the Union gain from the inclusion of a rotten apple?  More Greece?  More Portugals?  And what can it give Croatia, except reluctant  third tier membership and some aid with thick strings attached.  Nothing will work better than sober, self-imposed Croatian solidarity and cohesion.

Charles, I can’t access the President, I know you can.
And he will listen to my words, he will treat them like Gospel! They come after all from ME!

Now you understand why I chose you as my correspondent. Your type of passion, your understanding of the essential issues holding Croatia back from real progress, suggest to me you would be in tune and in agreement that the apology ploy is more than a secret weapon….it’s a public and infallible one!

By the way, I think your painting of the Srebrenica massacre is iconic. Milosevic showed it to me…As usual my little apprentice is influenced by the way I think and act.  He now also wants the Serbs to start apologizing. They must apologize to all the Balkan peoples they have victimized from time immemorial. Without the apologies, the Serbs will face a permanent stagnation.

Your totally contrite and abjectly sorry,

Josip Groz Tito


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