Ian Thorpe may be three times faster a swimmer than his coach… So why does he need him? Does he need a nag in order to win gold? As they say “those who can’t –teach!”.

Quite a paradox.  So why does a torpedo need a push?

As a painter, I still miss some of my teacher’s comments and coaching. Since they’re not around, I register the input by sundry visitors to my studio. I’m often amazed at how much they influence my work, and how the painting benefits from laymen paintings.


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1 Response to Torpedoes…

  1. David Patch says:

    Glad to know I may have influenced your artwork over the years. 😉

    Keep up the great work Charles.
    Hi, to all the staff at your Gallery.

    Hope to return one day to share more and see your newest ideas.

    Lots of Love

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